What We Do and How We Do It.

We establish the scope of your project during your free consultation. Some people have large collections of specialty items (i.e record albums, baseball cards, figurines, etc.). Other homes have a more modern, minimalist look about them. This will determine the cost of your inventory, and the level of detail is up to you.

We begin outside and capture the exterior of your house, landscaping, sheds, patios, and outdoor furniture. When accessible, we include photos of your solar panels and other lot improvements.

Next, we go indoors to record videos and take pictures of each room to show the layout, decor, window dressings, and contents.

Then, we take individual photos of every item you want included in your inventory. We take measurements, list the manufacturer, make, model and serial numbers where available. We give special attention to antiques, collectibles and high value items.

Then, using the Worldwide Web, a replacement value is determined for the most common items in your inventory. For those uncommon items, we ask you to provide the price you paid and a receipt, if available. This information is saved in a cloud-based property inventory tool which you will have lifetime access to.* You can add specific details such as an artist's name or family history to an item. Using the photos and data we collected along with your input, we can provide accurate and useful reports.

*VSM utilizes a third-party cloud-based software (www.encircleapp.com) to create the property inventory.

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