My name is Susan Small and I am the founder of VideoSafe. I am very excited to introduce you to an exciting and unprecedented woman-owned start-up.


The origins of my home inventory idea is a personal and rather serendipitous tale.

In March of 2018, I was watching a news story describing the challenges that North Bay fire victims were having with their insurance companies. 

I heard that the homeowners were angry that they had to create a detailed inventory of everything they owned to get the full benefits they paid their insurance companies for. What a horrible time it was to find out you needed a written list of everything you just lost! Standing in a pile of burnt rubble is not the time to do that. And some victims said that they didn’t have enough coverage because they bought their policies decades ago and never updated them.

So, while reflecting on this story, a light bulb appeared … and I realized that a professional property inventory service would solve both problems!

Steven and I have been partners in a bookkeeping and payroll business for 20 years, so I told him about my light-bulb moment. (He is my brother, after all, and used to my "crazy ideas.")


I’ll admit we were hesitant and a bit intimidated by the thought of introducing a brand-new service. We understood that taking on a project like that requires a lot of time and commitment. When we realized the benefit it would provide to our neighbors, we knew we had to proceed. And, as our business expands, we would also create new employment opportunities.

And as our ideas developed, Steven and I drew on our personal experiences to see how home inventories can help solve many problems:

Our family had its share of challenges when our father passed away. We lived on opposite coasts, it was difficult to figure out what was in the house, we had no clue what the value was, and we discovered lots of things we knew little or nothing about. And then we had to decide what to do with all of it. We understand now how helpful it would have been to have a written list and photos of all that we were finding. But that was 1984 and the tools to take that on just didn’t exist yet.

Steven and I are both divorced, and we know that the most difficult issues of separation are always around the kids and the property. Neither of us recall considering how an inventory of our stuff would have made the whole property part a lot simpler and probably more agreeable.


Before our sister Lori passed away, she composed a journal for her sons that has become a cherished heirloom in our family. We understand that this was her attempt to reach out to her sons in the future and maintain a connection with them. And we appreciate how courageous it is to prepare for end-of-life issues. 

These are not uncommon life circumstances and you may have similar stories. There is a simple solution to these issues; let VideoSafe create a professional property inventory for you and simplify your life. 


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